Join a Life Group at Pleasant Valley.

Life Groups consist of 6-12 adults, who meet regularly throughout the year to build friendships, pray, and study the Bible together.

We encourage you to:

View the Life Group options below and click an available group to sign up 

Invite others within our church and community to participate

Let us know if you would like to form other groups

Please reach out to the Life Group team with any questions, comments, or ideas you may have.

Multi-Generational Group

When: Monday evenings
Where:  Weyers Cave
Keith and Carol Wilson’s Home

Group currently full

Women’s Group

When: Tuesday Mornings
Where: Weyers Cave
Mindy Garber’s Home

Multi-Generational Group

When: Thursday evenings
Where: Grottoes
David and Hilde Lark’s Home


Multi-Generational Group

When: Tuesday evenings
Where:  Weyers Cave
Neil and Sara Houff’s Home

Group currently full

Single’s Group

When: Thursday Evenings
Where: Weyers Cave
Teri Sumey’s Home

Young Married Couple’s Group

When: Friday evenings/kid’s connect
Where: PVCOB
Leaders: James and Evonne Hall