Welcome to Pleasant Valley Church of the Brethren!

At Pleasant Valley Church of the Brethren we proclaim God as our Loving Father, Jesus Christ as our model for living and our Savior, and the Holy Spirit as our constant guide.

 With Love and Humility we celebrate a Life-Long relationship with Christ as we share The Good News that life can be lived abundantly (John 10:10), both now and throughout eternity, if it is lived in Jesus Christ.

 To encourage us in our effort to live in Christ:

  • we seek to be a people who study and follow the teaching and examples of Jesus.
  • we seek to identify and use our spiritual gifts to facilitate the coming of the Kingdom of God.
  • we seek to equip and encourage leaders to guide the development and implementation of our work within our local community and our world.
  • we seek to grow our awareness of Gods intentions for creation through prayer, bible study worship, and our concern for the care of all aspects of creation.
  • we seek to convey The Good News proclaimed be Jesus Christ within our community and world by the things we do and say daily.