Tuesday, March 12th

8 pm PVCoB vs. ZMC

Friday, March 15th

7 pm PVCOB vs. DUCC

Tuesday, March 19th

9 pm PVCOB vs. DMCI

Friday, March 22nd

7 pm NBCI vs. PVCOB

Tuesday, March 26th

8 pm PVCOB vs. WMC

Friday, April 2nd

9 pm DUCC vs. PVCOB

Friday, April 5th

8 pm DMCI vs. PVCOB

TUESDAY, April 9th

7 pm ZMC vs. PVCOB

Friday, April 12th

9 pm PVCOB vs. WMC

TUESDAY, April 16th

8 pm PVCOB vs. NBCI

Updates for Tournament dates and times will be posted later in the season.