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Good morning!  This page is intended to both serve as a continuing worship option for those participating in our worship service from home, and to serve in place of print resources during our in-person worship.  Following the worship service on Sunday, one or more video recordings from the service will be placed on this page, including the sermon.  This may take several hours, due to the time needed to process the videos.  We will email the congregation when the recordings have been posted.  If you would like to be added to our congregational email list, please contact pvcob.alive@gmail.com.

Reminders and Notes

  • With the cooling temperatures, we will move our worship time back to 10:30AM, starting on September 27.
  • We will be remembering Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples through bread and cup communion at our outdoor service on October 4.
  • Our Congregational Business Meeting will be held on October 11 as a part of our regular worship time.
  • At our August 30 Board meeting, the Board voted to continue worshiping outside through October 11.
  • Our Preschool will not be resuming session this year. The Preschool may re-open in January.
  • Please be praying for educators, students, and parents preparing for the new school year.
  • Please be praying for those suffering from Covid-19, and those caring for them.
  • Please pray for those suffering from other illnesses during this time.

Great is Thy Faithfulness

by Jeremiah Padilla | Streamed with permission. CSPL121366

This week we can definitely tell that we are entering a change. While I may still check the weather forecast to see if I need sunscreen, I am also now watching for warnings of the first frost of fall as well. Leaves are beginning to turn color, and the orange of pumpkins is starting to show up in the garden.

It is part of the wonder of life, that it is so full of change, and yet can be so reliable. The falling of the leaves today makes room for the new growth of next year. The white snows of winter prepare the ground for the fresh green of spring. We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but we know that God is faithful always. God’s goodness seeks us forever.

Based on Psalm 89

I will sing of your love forever, O God.
Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.

Let the heavens praise your wonders.
For who can be compared to the Lord?

Your faithfulness surrounds you.
You rule the raging of the sea,
You pacify the towering waves.

The heaven and earth are yours.
The world and all that is in it are your beautiful creations.

Righteousness and Justice are the foundations of your throne.
Steadfast love and faithfulness walk before you.

We rejoice to join in your celebration.
You are our light, all days of our lives.

Praise, I will Praise you, Lord

Praise, I will praise you, Lord,
with all my heart.
O God, I will tell
the wonders of your ways,
and glorify your name.

Praise, I will praise you, Lord,
with all my heart.         
In you I will find
the source of my joy. 

Love, I will love you, Lord,
with all my heart.                     
O God, I will tell
the wonders of your ways,
and glorify your name.


Serve, I will serve you,
Lord, with all my heart.         
O God, I will tell
the wonders of your ways,
and glorify your name.


Used by permission.

Holy Spirit, as we gather in this place, make us alert to your presence.
Hold us close, that we might know that we are never alone.
Raise our thoughts, our feelings, our inclinations, to you, O God,
that we might worship you with our whole heart,
our whole mind and our whole sense of self.
We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

-www.scriptureecho.com, adapted.

Romans 15:7-13
Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God. For I tell you that Christ has become a servant of the circumcised on behalf of the truth of God in order that he might confirm the promises given to the patriarchs, and in order that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy. As it is written,
‘Therefore I will confess you among the Gentiles,
and sing praises to your name’;
and again he says,
‘Rejoice, O Gentiles, with his people’;
and again,
‘Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles,
and let all the peoples praise him’;
and again Isaiah says,
‘The root of Jesse shall come,
the one who rises to rule the Gentiles;
in him the Gentiles shall hope.’
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God has set a rich table in our life together. But not every dish is before every person. We are called to pass and share and celebrate in the love of Jesus. It is the sharing of Jesus love that completes the table for all people.

For all that you are and all that you do,
we give you thanks, O God.
You are our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.
We wait in hope for the completion of your love,
We look for your light to chase away our darkness;
and offer our lives to be part of that light.
Lead us in loving service,
sharing so all may know your glory. Amen.

Chain Breaker

If you’ve been walking the same old road for miles and miles; 
If you’ve been hearing the same old voice tell the same old lies; 
If you’re trying to fill the same old holes inside,       
There’s a better life.
There’s a better life.

If you’ve got pain, he’s a pain taker.
If you feel lost, he’s a way maker.   
If you need freedom or saving, he’s a prison shaking Savior.
If you got chains, he’s a chain breaker.

We’ve all searched for the light of day in the dead of night.
We’ve all found ourselves worn out from the same old fight.
We’ve all run to things we know just ain’t right.       
When there’s a better life, there’s a better life.


If you believe it,                         
If you receive it,                       
If you can feel it,       
Somebody testify!       (Repeat)


Oh if you need freedom or saving, he’s a prison shaking Savior.                                         
If you got chains, well he’s a chain breaker.

CCLI License # 1699256

Lord, as the sun rises in the morning, we pray that you would make our spirits to rise as well.
Set us in our courses, not to revolve around ourselves, but instead to share your goodness.

We believe in your goodness, O God.
We see it in daily bread, in the effectiveness of medicine, in the hearts of those who love and serve.

We pray also for the places where we fall short.
We too often are short sighted.
We believe in poverty, instead of trusting in your continuing creation.
We create shortage through hoarding, warfare, and destruction.
We insist that greed is the path to security, instead of love.
We forget that you multiplied loaves and fishes as they were shared,
and that there was more than enough for all to be fed.

Cultivate healing among us, O God.
Awaken a new awareness that we are all your beloved children, worthy of love, worthy of welcome, and held in your grace.
Build compassion between enemies, and hope for a new life that can be lived together in peace.

Make us aware of our hardness of heart, O God. Break us open as well.
Remind us that we can be messengers of a new day, messengers of a gospel of peace.
Remind us that you are with us always.

Lord, we know that you are building a new creation.
We also know that we cannot gain entry to it alone.
Lead us into it by your spirit, truth, and grace.
In Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

Come To The Table

We all start on the outside,
the outside looking in.
This is where grace begins.
We were hungry,
we were thirsty,
with nothing left to give.
Oh, the shape that we were in.
Just when all hope seemed lost,
love opened the door for us.

He said come to the table.
Come join the sinners
who have been redeemed.
Take your place beside the Savior.
Sit down and be set free.
Come to the table.

Come meet this motley crew of misfits,
these liars and these thieves.
There’s no one unwelcome here.
So that sin and shame that you’ve brought with you,
you can leave it at the door
and let mercy draw you near.
Just when all hope seemed lost,
love opened the door for us.


To the thief and to the doubter,
To the hero and the coward,
To the pris’ner and the soldier,
To the young and to the older,
All who hunger all who thirst,
All the last and all the first,

All the paupers and the princes,
All who’ve failed you’ve been forgiven,
All who dream and all who suffer,
All who’ve loved and lost another,
All the chained and all the free,
All who follow all who lead,
Anyone who’s been let down,
All the lost you have been found,
All who’ve been labeled right or wrong,
to ev’ryone who hears this song.


CCLI License # 1699256

Come to the Table

by PVCOB Praise Team | Streamed with permission. CSPL121366

Now, as we go,
may we go with
the glory of God ahead of us.

May God’s loving faithfulness
be our companion and guide,
leading us forward
into the full promise
of God’s joy and peace.