Earlier this week, I shared how my heart has recently been re-awakened in care and prayer for the international church. In addition to hearing more about the church in Myanmar on Sunday, last week I was able to spend time in Zoom conversation with members of the Church of the Brethren in Haiti. I learned about ongoing projects to help the people in Haiti deal with the challenges of sanitation and providing clean water. I was excited to hear about a matching funds grant program for the sanitation projects in particular, and was looking forward to finding ways for our church to get involved. Then this morning I awoke to a reminder of why some of these projects can be so difficult. Last night the president of Haiti was assassinated. The country has closed its borders and imposed martial law. While I am hoping that there will be a way for the development projects to continue, I am reminded at this moment that what our Christian brothers and sisters need most is our encouragement and prayer. They are strong and bold, and their faith has flourished in adversity, but we all need the nurturing of the Holy Spirit in hard times. So I invite you to join me prayer.

Lord Jesus,
You do not shy away from pain and difficulty.
When you were admonished to be silent, you spoke the truth.
You told people about God’s grace and power.
You warned and promised that the day of God’s justice was at hand.
You forgave sins and invited people to discover the joy of new life in God’s way.
You sent your Spirit to be with your followers always,
and commissioned your followers with power to continue your work in the world.
We pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
We pray for their protection and safety.
We pray for their work, their teaching, their life together.
May your witness continue and be strengthened among them
May you guard their health,
and use their work to guard the health of those around them.
May clean waters fall from the sky and rise from the ground.
May storms be turned away, and winds quieted.
May crops flourish and harvest abound.
May hearts repent and the opportunity for peace be realized.
May your love be known, in all its sustaining power.