Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Tuesday this week, Pastor Rebecca went to the Emergency Room and was diagnosed with a blood clot in her leg. She was given treatment and sent home from the hospital on medication. On Thursday, Rebecca received a phone call from her primary care physician advising us that her blood clot could possibly be a result of an asymptomatic infection of Covid-19. She advised that Rebecca be tested for Covid-19 and arranged for her to receive a test from the Augusta County Urgent Care. We immediately went to the Urgent Care to have Rebecca tested, but unfortunately learned that we would not have results from the test prior to Monday. We were given the standard instructions from the CDC and Augusta Health about all members of the family remaining at home until the results are received and avoiding contact with others.

In light of this, the Church Board has decided to hold worship using our Online format for this Sunday, June 28. We will have no in-person worship service at the church. I will prepare the service from home, and email the congregation on Saturday when the service is posted on our website. If Rebecca’s test results come back negative, we will resume our outdoor worship the following Sunday, July 5.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our health, as well as for the calls and messages that we have received already this week. Please also be praying for God’s encouragement for all of us as we move through this time together.

In Christ,
Pastor Daniel