Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On October 18 we will be moving our worship service back into the Sanctuary. The Church Board has been working diligently to ensure that we will be able to make this move safely, with minimal risk of spreading any infection.

This will require the help of everyone in attendance as well.

Masks will be required while we are in the building.

Bipolar ionization filtration has been installed in the air handlers for the sanctuary and has been ordered for the rest of the building.

In order to minimize close contact, we will be observing social distancing. Ushers will help guide seating, and will be seating people front to back. So as to avoid mixing traffic flow, you will be seated on the side of the sanctuary that you come in on. The East and West Entrances to the building will be entrance only.

Please review the more detailed guidelines starting below.

This will not be a perfect process. We are trying to do our best, and ask that you please help to do the same. Most importantly, we ask that we regard each other in the grace of Christ.

In God’s grace and peace,
Pastor Daniel

Guidelines for Resuming Indoor Worship

1. All individuals will be required to wear masks inside the building. Physical distancing will be observed at all times.

2. Deacons will be stationed at the east entrance, west entrance, and also the east entrance door at the front of the sanctuary. They will have masks available to give to anyone who needs one before entering the building.

3. Individuals will enter from these three entry points.  The east entrance near the front of the sanctuary is for individuals who deem themselves as high risk.  All other individuals have the choice of using the east or west entrance doors. (Individuals will not enter the front entrance of the church.)

4. Hand sanitizer will be available at each entry/exit point.

5. There will be two ushers, one at each narthex door, greeting individuals once they’re inside the church, and directing them up their respective side aisles into the sanctuary.

6. Next, two additional ushers, stationed in the center aisle near the front of the church, will receive those individuals entering from the side aisles and direct them where to sit in the sanctuary.  They will also welcome any of the high risk individuals entering the east side door in the front of the sanctuary and seat them as well.

7. The sanctuary will be filled from front to back. Rows will be marked for appropriate social distancing. Alternate rows will be left empty.

8. Instead of congregational singing, we will be making use of alternatives including more special music, Bell Choir, etc.

9. After the service, the two center aisle ushers will dismiss the congregation from front to back out both of the front side doors of the sanctuary.

10. The balcony will not be used. Only sound board and computer operators will be in the balcony.

11. Overflow seating will be set up in the fellowship hall. Once the sanctuary is full, the ushers from the center aisle will move to the fellowship hall and seat individuals from front to back.  At the end of the service, the narthex ushers will dismiss from back to front, out the kitchen door. (Note: The center aisle ushers will be dismissing folks in the sanctuary.)

12. Only the sanctuary and restrooms will be open during the first month of in-the-building worship. The kitchen will not be open, nor will Sunday School classrooms or the nursery. This may change following our November 8 board meeting.

13. This model requires three deacons and four ushers for each service. For now, there will be one service at 10:30 AM.

14. Ushers will be trained on this information.

15. All members are encouraged to visit in the parking lot rather than the narthex.

16. Bi-polar ionization filters are being installed throughout the building. These filters are effective against Covid-19, influenza, the common cold, and particulates. The procedural methods outlined above will be used in conjunction with the new technology to ensure the safety of our members.

17. An online live stream of the worship service will be available at