There are many things in the world that are good. But apparently salt is special. Jesus set it right beside light in his sermon on the mount, as something that is a representation of God’s goodness in the world. Just as light shines and reveals, salt gives flavor, makes something worth appreciating.

We believe that our saltiness comes from God! It is in the ways that God’s goodness rubs off on us, in the ways that the Holy Spirit suffuses our hearts, the ways in which Jesus invites us to come and follow him, carrying his difference in the world.

A few weeks ago, our Church Board met in retreat to discern ways in which we could “Break open the Jar” for Jesus (Mark 14:3-9). On February 9, we will gather for a combined Worship Service and Business meeting to hear the results of their discernment, and to pray that we will be God’s Salt in the world (Matthew 5:13-20).

All are invited to join us! Sunday School will meet at 9:30AM. Worship and Business Meeting will begin at 10:30AM.