Giving Thanks is a practice that helps us to keep the challenges of life in perspective. It helps us to remember that even though we may know sorrow and loss, we are still given so much that is worth celebrating. Giving thanks also helps to keep us ready to make use of what we are given, instead of neglecting our gifts as we focus on what we still want. So I am curious, what do you give thanks for today?


As for me, today I am giving thanks for a community of faith that loves and encourages, elders with wisdom, compassion, and curiosity, youth with a hunger to explore and grow, and peers who passionately desire to be faithful and follow together with Christ. I am thankful for food and shelter, for the growth of what I have planted, and the bounty of what God alone has planted. I am thankful for all those who this touches and encourages as well. God is good! All the time!