God we confess to you today
That we have heard the invitation to your table
and claimed that we were too busy,
That we had more important things to tend to,
That we wanted to come,
but were too tired,
Too distracted,
Even too hungry,
To come site at your table.
We have heard about your preparations,
And we have been blessed by your generosity,
But still, we would rather cultivate control than thanksgiving.
We prefer the works of our own hands
To being held in yours.

Help us, O God!
For though we may sprint with the gazelles,
We are too fastened to the earth,
We have forgotten what it is to be lifted on the wings of eagles,
And our hearts are lame.
We need your healing.
We need your grace.
We need your gift of life.

Gather us in, O God!
Gather us from our preoccupations,
And remind us that your love cannot be exceeded,
That your blessings extend to the depths of the oceans and the height of the mountains.
Remind us that you have set a place at your table,
Marked with our name upon it.
You have looked into our darkness
And sent to us your light.
Bring us to that table ablaze
With a thousand candles
And overflowing
With food for our souls.
Nurturing, loving, reminding
That we are your children
And that with you, we are home.
Home for a feast, a celebration
Sufficient for this life and the next.